30 06 2009

As most of us know by now, the world is coming to an end in 2012… so, what better way to show what’ll happen in advance than a movie directed by the same guy who did Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow?

I’m guessing the real life counterpart will be as boring as Y2K, but hay, at least we’ll have a movie to remember the event…

Source: TechEBlog

End Of The World Dated Again, 2012

28 01 2009

Funny animation made by Sunday Cartoon

Joke is on all the rumors about world’s end at 2012

Source: Gizmodo

Kobe Tetsujin Giant Robot Project

2 06 2009

Just a while ago I wrote about the recently finished Giant Gundam, and now I’m back talking about another giant robot being built in Japan:

It’s the even more classic Tatsujin-28 Gigantor, this time in Kobe…
Is it some project to prepare for war or some disaster coming up in 2012?
And will Akiba build a giant Kona-chan? 😛

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork and DannyChoo (check ‘em for more pics and info)