Tesla Coil Bass

22 06 2009

Well, I already posted some tesla coil videos here and there, but I guess this is the first time posting a Bass that uses a tesla coil as speaker:

The bassist is needing a little more power though. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Tesla Coils – Star Wars Imperial March

6 03 2009

You’ve seen them play game music, you’ve seen them play Ghostbusters theme song… how about tesla coils playing the Star Wars Imperial March song?

From group ArcAttack.

Source: Gizmodo

Tesla Coils – Ghostbusters!

10 02 2009

Well, we already had some awesome video game music played by tesla coils around here… but this time, I present you Ghostbusters!

With a crazy dude (Terry Blake) that is known as Dr. Zeus!
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Musical Tesla Coils

10 01 2009

Featuring mostly game music… because game music is for nerds!
First, from The Geek Group:
Super Mario Brothers

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Arcattack: Faraday Fun – Imperial March

27 03 2009

Yet another tesla coil music video, only this time we have a lunatic in a faraday cage acting as a maestro!

Oh yeah, Imperial March from Star Wars for enhanced impact!

Source: Gizmodo

Star Wars’ Imperial March Played on a Hard Disk Drive!

7 03 2009

If hearing it from tesla coils wasn’t nerd enough for you, here’s the Imperal March played on… a Hard Disk Drive!

Pretty impressive!

Source: Gizmodo