Searching for Sonny teaser – Canon 5D Mark II

5 04 2009

Searching for Sonny teaser resembles other Hollywood series:

Only this one isn’t professional at all, and it was made using a Canon 5D Mark II, which I already made a couple of posts about:
Ian Provo’s Powder Mountain Perspective
Tokyo Reality
Canon 5D Mark II is a dream camera… it doesn’t completely replaces a professional HD camera, but with few adaptations it gets very close to it. Not to mention the photography quality.

I WANT ONE!!!! 😛

Source and more info: Gizmodo

Living Movie Poster – Red One Camera

13 06 2009

I still didn’t write about the incredible RED One camera because I was kinda expecting a video that could show how awesome it is (instead of specs and whatnot)… well, here it is:

Basically, the Red One is a video camera that has the resolution of a professional DSLR (photography) camera, which is something only really big and really really expensive cameras have nowadays.
But don’t get me wrong, RED One isn’t a cheap camera… it’s only cheap when compared to others on the same category.
Anyways, it’s a camera that blurs the line between video and professional photography, one step higher than Canon 5D Mark II since it’s really aimed and has all the advantages of professional movie making, but is also way more expensive too!

Source and more videos: Gizmodo

MockMoon2000 – Miniature City

26 05 2009

MockMoon2000 has some very awesome tilt-shift and time lapse videos… here’s one:
Miniature City

Another awesome creation made with Canon 5D Mark II.
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Powder Mountain Perspective – Ian Provo

18 02 2009

Truth is: There are tons of skiing videos from Powder Mountain… but this one has a detail that caught my attention.

Powder Mountain Perspective - Ian Provo

Powder Mountain Perspective - Ian Provo

Besides being beautiful, it was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II… the one profissional digicam (dSLR) I wish I could buy right now.
Yep, this is the second video I posted that was made with it… the first one was Tokyo Reality.
Click the image or this link for Vimeo’s Powder Mountain Perspective, by Ian Provo.

Source: Gizmodo

Tokyo Reality

23 11 2008

Pessoal do blog AkihabaraNews fizeram um vídeo incrível para testar a capacidade da camera Canon 5D Mark II (dSLR linha profissional) de gravação de vídeo HD (alta definição).

Tokyo Reality

Tokyo Reality

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