Augmented Reality Memory (PC)

24 07 2009

How about playing the older-than-my-grandma Memory game using not-too-new-but-still-new Augmented Reality technology?

From developers Beyond Reality, this memory game has a twist!
Instead of just finding cards that match, you have to find the ones that interacts with each other!
Shure, Augmented Reality is used just as a cosmetic enhancement, but it’s still pretty nice!
Technology-wise, notice they don’t use plain markers… so the game also has an image processing and recognition side to it.
It’s a concept for now, but it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make use of Augmented Reality in games in different ways…

Source: Found while researching about another game concept from the same company: PIT Strategy…

Layar – Mobile Augmented Reality Browser

20 06 2009

I already knew something like this would come out one day… but I didn’t expect it to be this soon, really:

Layar is a browser that integrates Augmented Reality technology with a mobile device, given it has GPS, a camera and compass (so it knows where the cellphone cam is facing). Already available for Android phones, and seems the creators, SPRXmobile, are willing to port it to other cellphones… like the new iPhone 3GS!
It’s kinda different from most Augmented Reality systems nowadays (like this AR magazine or Cyber Figure ARis) since it doesn’t actually uses image recognition software and markers, but GPS positioning and the compass to know where to display informations about the stuff you are seeing.
Very interesting stuff!

Source: Gizmodo

ARhrrrr – Augmented Reality Shooter

19 06 2009

Guys from the Augmented Environments Labs (Georgia Tech) made this very interesting proof of concept game that uses an nVidia Tegra to create a real time Augmented Reality map with a Zombie Shooter game:

Very interesting! Despite Augmented Reality being around for a while, developers have a hard time finding a way to use it effectively to create apps and games that makes good use of it.
Nice to see some folks are finding out new insteresting ways to make games with it.

Source: IndieGames

Augmented Reality on magazines and books

3 11 2008

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Anime Discussion: Dennou Coil

3 08 2009

Dennou Coil, or Coil – A Circle of Children is the sci-fi anime we’ll be covering on this very Anime Discussion.

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

The Anime Discussion series is focused on animes with adult or really deep themes (not meaning erotic or violent content), a little to serve as recommendation to more serious themes in japanese animation, a little so you can show to your friends/parents/relatives that animes are not for kids only.
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TAT Augmented ID

29 07 2009

Interesting app concept for cellphone that mixes face recognition with augmented reality to display contact information:

The augmented reality part seems interesting yet not very useful for a cellphone cam (IMO), but even so, I guess this will truly become interesting once we have Augmented Reality glasses or lenses… 😀
Imagine walking on streets while being able to retrieve people’s contacts here and there…

Well, this might also be pretty terrifying actually… for those concerned about privacy.

Source: Gizmodo

PIT Strategy (PC)

20 07 2009

For Stock Car/NASCAR fans, PIT Strategy is an Augmented Reality game with a different point of view:

From developers Beyond Reality, the idea isn’t to drive the cars, but to control the pit stops, make them as fast as you can.
It’s a game concept for now, but it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make use of Augmented Reality in games in different ways…

Source: it was a while ago, I couldn’t find exactly who sent this, but it was on a game development discussion list…

Nearest Tube (iPhone)

8 07 2009

Nearest Tube is an iPhone 3GS app developed by AcrossAir that uses Augmented Reality to display the nearest metro station while using the iPhone camera:

It’s only working in London for now.
I think the idea is similar to that of the Android’s Layar, which I posted sometime ago in this blog.
Mixes GPS, map, camera and compass functions to map the graphics in the right stop.

Source and more info: Gizmodo

Experience the Enterprise

12 05 2009

Pretty awesome advertising piece for the new Star Trek movie…

…and good usage of Augmented Reality technology too!
Congrats to those who had the idea! 😀
Try the official Experience the Enterprise website for more info on how to do it!

Source: Gizmodo