As Seen on TV Remix!

9 05 2009

With a little help of Autotune and remixing, here are some awesome As Seen on TV musics:

The ShamWow guy Vince selling Slap Chop…
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Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Crashes

24 06 2009

Well, this one is actually fan made.
See, Team Fortress 2 taunts and voices are really fun… like in the As Seen on TV mixes!
So, YouTube user TF2Dubs mixed some fail/crash/accident videos with TF 2 sounds… and here’s the result:

Nice! xD

Source: Kotaku

Heavy Weapons Guy – Kaboom!

23 05 2009

Few days ago, I posted the Slap Chop Remix with Team Fortress 2 Scout taunts
This time, it’s Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons Guy turn, trying to sell you yet another fine As Seen on TV product, Kaboom:

Originally narrated by Billy Mays!

Source: Kotaku

Slap Chop Mixes (NSFW)

11 05 2009

Yes, you’ve seen this before, but not in this many different brands!
Few days ago I made a post called As Seen on TV Remix with this awesome Slap Chop “Rap Chop” starring ShamWow guy, Vince:

Today, I bring you even more Slap Chop video mixes!
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