Anime Discussion: Dennou Coil

3 08 2009

Dennou Coil, or Coil – A Circle of Children is the sci-fi anime we’ll be covering on this very Anime Discussion.

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

The Anime Discussion series is focused on animes with adult or really deep themes (not meaning erotic or violent content), a little to serve as recommendation to more serious themes in japanese animation, a little so you can show to your friends/parents/relatives that animes are not for kids only.

This time, and exception: Dennou Coil doesn’t have a complex plot, and the artwork isn’t completely unique, despite being a little different from what you see in most animes.
Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

What Dennou Coil has that is truly unique, and object for further exploration on this post is the science fiction part.
Set in a not too distant future, where people are able to interact with a virtual world superimposed with the real world, using Augmented Reality glasses and earphones, allowing to hear and see things we normally wouldn’t.
The story is centered on Yasako, a girl that just recently moved to a big city considered the center of development for the virtual world.
Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

She eventually joins some friends becoming another “agent” for her grandma investigation agency, which is hired to solve cases involving the virtual world.
Here, the videoclip for the (awesome) opening music, with anime insertions:

Instead of making a completely new, almost absurd futuristic world the author gets it right by showing a japanese city very similar to what we have today, with few technological diferences which makes it closer to us.
The anime also raises interesting questions, similar to the ones also present in Chobits, about the relations we’ll stabilish with virtual beings.
And it also has a loose relation with the questions made in Serial Experiments Lain, about the limits of the virtual world and how we are going to be affected when the frontiers between the virtual and real becomes blurry.
MAD Trailer:

Finally, it also raises some questions about feelings, life and death.
Overall, there’s some comedy, action, science fiction, drama and everyday life story that composes a great anime to watch.



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