Survive Style 5+

2 08 2009

Another crazy creation of the new japanese cinema school, featuring british actor Vinnie Jones in the role he plays best: A thug contracted killer.

Different from most movies I presented so far though, Survive Style 5+ is less on the gory, disturbing or overall “adults with strong stomach” side, and more on the “weird” sense.

The story goes around a handful of characters with very strange lifestyles (and by strange I mean, over the edge weird)… like a man who tries several times to kill his wife only finding her back home ready to kick his ass, or a salaryman otherwise father figure of a common japanese family that is hypnotized by some magician that ends up dying before getting the man back to normal.

Survive Style 5+

Survive Style 5+

The movie has many fans for it’s complete randomness, and the scene you see above became a meme if only for a short time on image boards, usually followed by the words “po po po..” which you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what the heck is it. 😛



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