Migrating: The New XSpBlog!

2 08 2009

Dear readers, the blog is moving… for the best!
And it might be offline for 3 days tops, for address reallocation, starting later today!

Here’s the thing folks: for those who don’t know, XSpBlog.com is hosted on WordPress.com
In my personal opinnion, the best free blog hosting service.
The only problem with it is that you can’t install expations (plugins).
For instance:
– Advanced commenting system;
– Video embedding from some websites (like GameTrailers.com, Vimeo, etc);
– Macromedia Flash animation/games;

So, with the objective to make the reading and commenting experience better, I decided to cash in some more bucks to migrate to self-hosting.
I’m saying “some more bucks” because I’m already paying for the domain and some other stuff.
Coin Jar
I won’t lie to you too, but another objective is to include some ad system (like Google ads)… don’t worry, it won’t be intrusive or make the blog worse.
Doing this to see if I can get some $funding$ so I can keep the blog up.
I spend half of my day everyday (sometimes more than that) on it, and if I can’t find a way to work some money from it, I’ll end up having to abandon it to find a job to avoid starvation… 😛
No one noticed, but I’ve been working on this for months.
The process is kinda complicated.
Among some of the tasks:
– PHP configuration;
– Editing some of the posts (there’s already more than 2 thousands of them);
– Database organization;
– Dealing with tech support to get some resources needed for the migration;
– Select, install and configures several plugins and themes (there are thousands of them);
– Etc, etc³.
Finally, it’s ready! Or almost, because probably we’ll have some tuning up to do to reach the final version…
But don’t worry. It’ll be (almost) invisible for you. The blog will continue as planned.
The address doesn’t change too… it’ll remain http://xspblog.com

As for the bad news… there’s only this small part that I can’t really do nothing about.
It’s the addresss realocation, which is made by my host (LocaWeb) and can take 2 to 3 days.

For those who knows about the tech stuff, it’s the domain realocation part, with address propagation on the servers. There’s no way around it.

So, I ask you not to abandon the blog! It’ll be off for a few days, but for upgrading purposes!

Thanks for following so far!
This is just another step to make the blog better!

– XSportSeeker



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