Suicide Circle / Suicide Club (Gore)

1 08 2009

In Japan, it’s known as Jisatsu Circle or Suicide Circle. Has been translated to the english title Suicide Club.
It’s a very disturbing movie that’s part gore, part police investigation, part suspense.
Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach or don’t like the gore genre!

The story goes about the investigation on a series of mass suicides that starts happening in Japan.
For those who watched or know about it, the most shocking/disturbing and famous part happens right in the beginning of the movie, when 54 schoolgirls line up giving hands to each other in a train station, jumping in front of a train right when it’s arriving, killing themselves and literally splashing (Tarantino style) blood all over the station and people there.



Uma resposta

27 10 2009

Useful telephone number for Japanese residents of Japan who speak Japanese and are feeling depressed or suicidal: Inochi no Denwa (Lifeline Telephone Service):

Japan: 0120-738-556 Tokyo: 3264 4343

Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Counseling Services

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