Fight Ippatsu! Juuden chan!! Ending

30 07 2009

I never watched the, from what I understand, ecchi/fanservice filled anime Fight Ippatsu! Juuden chan!!, but I found this very interesting (non ecchi) meme about the episode ending.
The original one goes like this:

Catchy tune, cute animation, obvious memefying target! 😛 Even more considering the fanservice…
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I Can Has Cheezburger – Yoga Cat

30 07 2009

Relaax, take a deep breath, empty your mind…

…and lick youself a little bit. Ah yes, we’re making good progress young grasshopper…

From I Can Has Cheezburger YouTube Channel.
Also visit I Can Has Cheezburger website!

Fig. 8 (Browser)

29 07 2009

This is the preview of upcoming Fig. 8 game, a bike riding game…

…that looks something out of a engineer/architecht/designer dream/nightmare. 😛
From Intuition Games. One of the creators Greg Wohlwend describes it neatly: ‘you control a bicycle through technical diagram suburbia’.

Source: IndieGames

Iron Man and Wolverine – Anime Version!

29 07 2009

Legendary anime studio Madhouse is making adaptation of classic Marvel heroes, following up on the unholy matrimony tendency mixing japanese animation with american/western stuff.

A very decent trailer I must say…
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TAT Augmented ID

29 07 2009

Interesting app concept for cellphone that mixes face recognition with augmented reality to display contact information:

The augmented reality part seems interesting yet not very useful for a cellphone cam (IMO), but even so, I guess this will truly become interesting once we have Augmented Reality glasses or lenses… 😀
Imagine walking on streets while being able to retrieve people’s contacts here and there…

Well, this might also be pretty terrifying actually… for those concerned about privacy.

Source: Gizmodo

Trevor Rabin & Harry Gregson Williams – Enemy of the State Main Theme

29 07 2009

Another music I don’t really know the real title (if it has one).

From Enemy of the State movie soundtrack, it’s the main theme composed by Trevor Rabin and Harry Gregson Williams.
You know those songs that for some reason are part of your life and will follow you forever?
The ones you always get back to on happy and sad days, like an old friend?
Well, this is one of those for me, and part of a series of posts I’m calling my permanent playlist.

The Book of Eli

29 07 2009

As I just finished playing Fallout 3, I decided to make a post about this upcoming Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman movie called The Book of Eli:

Also happens in a post apocalyptic future, and lots of fans are comparing the movie with Fallout 3… but I suspect that almost every post-apocalyptic movie will have stuff comparable to Fallout 3, since the theme has very distinguishing characteristics, such as: destroyed buildings, a “sole survivor” hero that can save humanity, lots of guns and weapons, etc etc. Like in Madmax, I am Legend, and several other tales.
And I’m very happy with all this because I just love post-apocalyptic stories. Battle Royale and Dragon Head are a couple of very nice mangas I can quote on this, and post-apocalyptic stories are close to my favorite literature genre too: Dystopic futures. Like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc.
Also, I won’t judge which is best, which is better, because it’s all about personal taste… but I find it difficult for any 2 hour long movie reflect everything Fallout 3 has. Politics, portraits of common people living that era, the moral choices you have to make, prejudice and personalities we have on the game and stuff like that.
Still, having the Man on Fire Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic movie… what more can I ask for?

Source: Kotaku

Moving – Maru the Cat

29 07 2009

It seems mugumogu is moving… so you can already imagine a place filled with boxes and stuff becomes a playground for Maru, the box loving cat!.

Best of luck for mugumogu and Maru on the new place! 😀

Source: YouTube Subscription

Battle Royale Movie (Gore)

28 07 2009

Battle Royale, a popular manga in Brazil, has it’s origins on a novel that also has a movie adaptation:

Having watched the movie and read just a couple of volumes from the manga, I can tell that the movie cuts back on the sexual content, but still has lots of the gore.
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Abandonware – Rise of the Triad – ROTT (PC)

28 07 2009

Rise of the Triad (ROTT) is the one FPS I never conformed that it never got a proper sequel, because it was VERY AWESOME!

I don’t know how many trends it started, how many innovations it introduced to the genre, but there are several remarkable stuff I remember from this game.
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