Wolf Team (PC)

27 07 2009

Everytime I travel back home I get stuck with a lower spec’d computer (like, I can’t play games like Fallout 3), but I always can find good replacements for my FPS fix.
Wolf Team is an online FPS that fits right into that category, just like Combat Arms did before!

I’m actually a Counter Strike Source addict, but apart from graphic details and some differences that doesn’t really get in the way of making it fun to play, Wolf Team has it all!

In an interesting class mix, the characters you play with are actually werewolves, which means you can choose to play either in werewolf form (fast, close range attack, special powers, and interestingly you play with it in 3rd person view) or as human (standard weaponry we’re used to, first person view).
It uses a similar point system as Combat Arms and other free games out there, meaning you can play it freely but if you so wish, you can spend some money to buy weapons and upgrades.
Enjoy a fanmade gameplay video featuring System of a Down as soundtrack (at least till the record label finds out and pulls the video out).

Again, it’s FREE!
If you like FPS games, just get the game at Softnyx’s official Wolf Team page and give it a spin… you won’t regret! 😀

Source: It was a friend recommendation, I’m almost shure… but can’t remember who. 😛



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