Abandonware – Dink Smallwood (PC)

26 07 2009

Here it is, the first Independent Game on the Abandonware section! 😀
Dink Smallwood is a hillarious game made by RTsoft in the same style as Zelda or the first Diablo games, called isometric view:

The graphics are kinda weird, and back then the game had several bugs, but the dialogues and story are absolutely hillarious.
If I remember correctly, I didn’t finish it because a bug locked my character in some part of the game… I think it was an Orc village or something. Still, had lots of fun with it.
And it seems there’s a “recent” 2006 update that fixed most bugs (the game is originally from 1997).
It’s worth giving it a shot, specially for the humor.
You can get a copy at RTsoft’s Dink Smallwood official page.

Source: Remembered about it while writing another post… 😛



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