Mars TD Plus (Browser)

25 07 2009

Mars TD Plus, by Taro, is an awesome tower defense style game in which you have to defend your base from aliens.

Mars TD+

Mars TD+

It’s japanese, so you’ll find some japanese text in the middle.
But it’s fairly easy to understand and play the game even if you don’t know japanese, which is also my case.
I’ll try to help out with the stuff I already found out.

There are several different scenarios (those big orange buttons with NOMAZE, CITY, MOUNT, etc). What changes between them is the number of enemy entry points, maze type and other stuff tower defense players will recognize.
Mars TD+

Mars TD+

At the beginning of each round, the game is paused so you can build your base.
The big number on the status bar down the panel is the amount of money you have… in the image’s case, 90G.
On the right side panel, under “MISS..” are the stuff you can build in orange buttons. First one is a wall, second one is a light turret. More buildings appear as you advance through the game.
After you built all your defenses, press that big orange button on the top of the right menu where you’ll probably read “WAVE something” or “BOSS something”.
Mars TD+

Mars TD+

The green circle that shows up around a turret you’re trying to build is the range…. also, on the turrets sheet are several stuff like cost, range, strength and probably something to do with the level upgrading, which can be done either by killing enemies (the one that kills takes all the experience points) or by paying for it.
You can also build and upgrade stuff during the attack waves, as killing enemies gives you money.
Mars TD+

Mars TD+

A small arrow icon shows up when a turret is about to level up. The upgrade cost also lowers drastically when the arrow shows up, so if you’re about to fight a boss, it might be interesting to pay for the upgrade.
That Revenge bar and button on the center top of the screen is a special power that gives great damage to enemies on the play field.
But it takes a long time to fill the bar, so it’s only to be used in extreme cases.
Finally, everytime an enemy reaches your base you get your money subtracted by a good ammount… if that number goes down a certain amount, it’s game over!

The game is really fun to play, a fairly complete tower defense.
Click the images or this link to Mogera’s official Mars TD+ website to try it out!

Oh, Taro is also developer of a extremely hard Mario game called Super Ear Man Bros, which I wrote about sometime ago.

Source: Found out while looking for more info on another game.



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