Abandonware – R-Type (Master System/Arcade/Amiga/MSX/…)

23 07 2009

R-Type is one of the Master System games almost every Master System owner probably had back then…

It’s among the most successful side-scrolling shoot-em-ups and responsible to bringing fame to the genre for lots of people.

I played mostly the Master System version, though the game started as an Arcade:

One of the things admired on this game is the soundtrack.
R-Type music is a must for every bit tune/ 8-bit music fan.

The game was extremely hard, and had several trend starters… power ups, waves of enemies, huge boss battles among others.

There were many sequels though I don’t really know any of them, but I’m shure even young gamers nowadays will have the oportunity to play R-Type since it’s still being ported or ressurected in live communities and others… 😀



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