Tron Legacy

20 07 2009

Sadly, I guess not too many geeks nowadays will promptly know about the original Tron movie, since it’s from 1982 and all, but to those who know it, here’s the trailer for Tron Legacy, the sequel us fans from the original movie were expecting for such long time:

And the most amazing part of all: Jeff Bridges is in it!!

Well, most fans probably already know about it all… it’s been sometime the first rumors and even a very blurry video came out. And I was most certain I already published it here on the blog, but couldn’t find it.
I have this suspicion the internal search engine is kinda weak and I’m writing a second post about it, but it doesn’t matter because the trailer is new. 😀

Anyways, for those who never watched it, here’s the original Tron trailer:

It’s probably the very first popular movie to make gaming the main movie topic.
Back in 1982, what we had for games was stuff like nibbles or snakes, so the Light Cycles scene (renewed and portrayed on the new movie trailer) became a landmark and the most remembered part of the movie, despite it also having other game-like parts that resembles pong for instance.

Jeff bridges played the main role of Kevin Flynn, and as we see in the new trailer, relating to the title (which was previously Tr2n), it seems this new movie is actually a sequel, and not a remake.

I’m just hoping they don’t ruin the story by trying to insert games from the current generation, because it would make the plot too thin… but since it has Light Cycles and all, I guess that didn’t happen.

Source: Gizmodo



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