Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Jr. – 50 Floors Up (Lost in Translation)

20 07 2009

Here’s some bonus music exclusive to the japanese Lost in Translation soundtrack:

Along with a picture that reflects A LOT the true spirit of the movie and what made me fall in love with it.
Of course I’m talking about Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), but not only that… it also has something to do with the atmosphere and story Sofia Coppola masterfully passes…
It’s about the images, the music and ambience unique to Lost in Translation. You can also kinda feel it on The Virgin Suicides, but since it’s another context, I didn’t identify as much.
I usually tell friends that while I do think Scarlett is beautiful, probably the most beautiful actress we have nowadays, I didn’t fell in love with Scarlett Johansson… but I did with Charlotte. ;_;



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