OS-tan – Troubled Windows

19 07 2009

The first time I saw OS-tan was through this very interesting animation/music clip:

It has since become a much bigger thing, and I’ll try to explain a bit about it in this post.

OS-tan, as some might know already, comes from Operational System (OS) and -tan, a japanese suffix that has no translation, but works as a treatment pronoun used a lot in anime for kawaii (cute) girls.

Born in japanese imageboard Futaba Channel, drawn by tons of different people who supports the characters (there are no official versions), it’s the most famous moefication case and spawned mangas, music videos, cosplay and several other stuff out there.

From the time it began, back in 1999, ‘till today, new characters are always being added as more operational systems get released. There are also some non OS characters known as support characters that were also created in the process, like Firefox-tan and Opera-tan, though it’s arguable if the are really part of the OS-tan trend, or just other types of moefication (since there’s no official plot and all).

Some characters are more known and remarkable for it’s personality, developed according to the OS they were based on. ME-tan, shown on the Troubled Windows clip, is a clumsy kinda dumb but hard working cute girl. She is oftenly depicted with a exclamation point badge, similar to Windows ME error icon.

I don’t wanna make this post too long, because there is just too many things to discuss about OS-tan, so back to Troubled Windows, it’s originally a Flash Animation which has some easter eggs hidden in it… so if you’re curious about them, here’s the link to Os-tan Troubled Windows original flash.

I’ll try to post more OS-tan stuff from time to time, along with other moefied stuff.



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20 07 2009

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