Marvel vs. Capcom 2

15 07 2009

Well, you probably already know about this, but here are some of the new upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 2 game:

Pretty good, seems they are not messing much with a game that’s already awesome!

I decided to make a post about this because Marvel vs. Capcom was the first game that got me interested on the Playstation.

I ended up not buying a Sony Playstation, didn’t have the money or justification to ask my parents to buy one… it was just too expensive at the time.

So, what I did was spend countless hours researching about Playstation emulators and stuff… something that probably got me some experience on dealing with search engines, researching stuff on the Internet, among other things.

So much I still remember some stuff like Bleem!, ePSXe and others.
Pretty good considering it was still kinda hard to find stuff about it back then, and ePSXe wasn’t exactly easy to configure… tons of drivers to download.

But enough about me, back to the game… it’s looking pretty good, announced for Playstation 3 and XBox 360 for now but I’m hoping it’ll be ported to several platforms.

Coming out later this year.

Source: Kotaku



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