HRmageddon (Browser)

15 07 2009

HRmageddon (probably stands for Human Resources Armageddon) from THUP Games is an awesome take on the battle to keep your cubicle job! xD



Your company is merging with another one, and the owners decided that the employees will fight each other to see who keeps the job… literally.

It’s a turn based strategy battle game, which will shurely please fans of the genre, but I’m also betting it also will be pretty good for non-fans too!


At the beginning of each round, you have to “hire” your team with this appropriate looking form with charts and all! xD
Play it againts bots or online against other players by clicking any of the images or this link to the official Adult Swim HRmageddon website (it may take a while to load, so just wait)!

I played one round, made a full attack rush, and ended up winning by killing all the oposing team. But you can win by conquering a number of cubicles, which are also strategic points to get bonuses and stuff!

Source: IndieGames



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