Going to: AnimeFriends 2009!

15 07 2009

Hello readers!
I’d like to use this post a little bit to thank all of you who keep reading this humble blog!

AnimeFriends 2009

AnimeFriends 2009

Now, for the announcement: I’m taking a bus today on a 7 hour trip to São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, to attend an Anime related convention called AnimeFriends.

It’s the number one largest Anime convention in Brazil, and it takes places every year around this date.
I’ll be doing my best to keep the blog flowing during this week… but I’m not really shure if I’ll have a good Internet link there, so you’ll have to excuse me if the blog doesn’t get as updated as usual.

AnimeFriends 2009

AnimeFriends 2009

Notice that while the post flow might get a little weaker, I’m still posting something everyday… so don’t worry!
I’ll be back next week, hopefully with tons of new stuff to post from the event! 😀

If you wanna check more about AnimeFriends, try clicking the image for the official page (in portuguese) or check the following posts I made from last year’s edition, all in english:
AnimeFriends 2008 – Wednesday, 07/16
Liberdade – 17/07 (AnimeFriends 2008)
AnimeFriends 2008 – 07/18 – Cosplayers
AnimeFriends 2008 – Saturday, 07/19

Wish me luck, and have a nice week/weekend!



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