Abandonware – Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero / Hero’s Quest (PC)

13 07 2009

This Sierra mix of adventure game with turn based battle can be listed as one of the games responsible for my addiction and my taste for RPG games:

It’s among the classic adventure games that made Sierra the biggest gaming company back in those days…

And also one of the games that makes us old gamers miss the adventure point ‘n click games so much.

Hilarious deaths, tons of humor, and weird/funny characters mixed with leveling up, turn based fights, character creation and other RPG elements makes this one a classic.

The videos above are all from the original EGA game which was the one I played to the end… but a VGA version was made later on, and the Quest for Glory series actually had tons of sequels spawning 5 games, 1 official remake and 1 unofficial remake (Quest for Glory 2)!

I can’t remember much of games I played just recently, but sometimes I can remember stuff from this game I played over 15 years ago!
Of course this is just a personal experience, considering I was young back then, and how as we get old we tend to get less impressed by game plots… but I really think games plots overall were more fun back then.
Antwerps, Erana’s Place, Henry the Hermit, working at the castle, running away from thieves… all things I still remember from this game as if I had played it yesterday… and it’s not because I watched those videos recently. 😛



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