Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

11 07 2009

Dunno if I can call this a meme, since it’s previous to the concept and all, but it’s a very famous video previous to the YouTube era.
The Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

So catchy….

Anyways, fellow brazilians probably also noticed this, but there’s a brazilian band named Pato Fu (could be translated as “Duck Fu”) that used the tune as chorus in a song called “Made in Japan” with japanese lyrics!

An english title song from a brazilian band with japanese lyrics… how’s that for globalization?

Source: Reminded of the Muppets video on a Kotaku comment



Uma resposta

18 07 2009
Beaker – Meep – The Muppet Show « XSp.

[…] Also watch Mahnah Mahnah! […]

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