Koroshiya Ichi (Ichi the Killer) (Gore)

11 07 2009

From famous japanese director Takashi Miike, known for using extreme violence (including sexual), japanese mafia (yakuza) and other morbid themes in his movies, here’s Koroshiya Ichi:

Part of the b-rated bloody gushing japanese movies culture, Ichi the Killer is probably the most controversial Takashi Miike movie.

I watched it some years ago… the movie is from 2001.
But it was earlier this year I actually bought the DVD (I never imagined this movie would ever be released in Brazil)… so I decided to show it to a friend.

After some 10+ minutes into the movie, my friend asked to stop it because he couldn’t watch it any longer.. xD
Anyways, must watch for fans of extreme gore…



Uma resposta

30 07 2009
Audition (NSFW) (Gore) « XSp.

[…] (NSFW) (Gore) 30 07 2009 Audition, a Takashi Miike movie (also author of equally gory Koroshiya Ichi), is among the new school japanese movies which are considered by some, the most disturbing movies […]

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