Half Life 2 – NeoTokyo

11 07 2009

NeoTokyo is a free Half Life 2 Mod that’s in development since October 2004, and it really shows in this trailer:

If you felt the place was familiar, it’s probably because the developers were inspired by animes like Ghost in the Shell and Akira!

Studio Radi-8, the people behind this mod went deep in details, adding stuff like invisibility cloaks and futuristic vehicles, a Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell creatore) trademark.
Recon Demo

I’m downloading this mod as soon as I’m back home in my desktop PC.
Vision Modes

Even if I wasn’t a Half Life 2 fan (which I am), I’d still get this only to see the levels and skins…
Gameplay Trailer

Of course, you need the original Half Life 2 (or any other game that has the Source engine, like Team Fortress 2, as pointed by Fabio 😀 ) to play this, since it’s a mod.
Here’s the official Studio Radi-8 NeoTokyo webpage, where you’ll find, among other things, background story, forum, media and download links!

Source: Kotaku



2 responses

11 07 2009

Actually, you don’t need to have Half Life 2. It’s based on the Source engine, so Team Fortress 2 or Portal would be enough too.

11 07 2009

oops, yeah, Fabio is right.
What you need is the Source engine… Half Life 2 engine.

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