Gratuitous Space Battles (PC)

8 07 2009

Gratuitous Space Battles (yep, that’s the name) kinda looks like a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, but it’s not… it’s more close to a tower defense style game.
Watch this awesome idea for a space game from indie developer Positech:

At the start of the round, you buy and manage your ship formation, and when the game begins, you only watch the battle happening.
Which is pretty nice for a space game.

I already played games in which you control a space ship to shoot others, tested some MMORPGs with the theme, and tried some strategy space games too.. none of them got much of my attention.
But this one seems pretty enjoyable.
Here’s another trailer:

Dunno if it’s only me, but it just seems that the most fun part of a space battle is watching it as a whole. A first person view in the middle of the battle is too confusing (mixing it in the middle from time to time might be fun though). Having to control all ships in RTS or strategy style would be either annoying or distracting.
Just seems right to just plan ahead everything, and just sit and watch cheering for your fleet to win the whole thing… xD
Small bits of interactivity (like you have in most tower defense games) could be nice though… but I’m not complaining.

Source: TIGSource



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