Alpha Cat vs. New Puppy

7 07 2009

It’s always surprizing to see the relationships different pets create when forced to live under the same roof… we usually only see stuff after the relationship has already been settled.
But here’s a video of a puppy that was just introduced to the household of an alpha cat:

OUCH! Paw to the ear!

A week later, the owners made another video showing how the relationship improved:

I wouldn’t really say “best friends”… looks more like the puppy is less afraid of the cat, and decided to play A LOT with it… and Alpha Cat is well, trying to tolerate that, though not much. 😛
But anyways, if you wanna watch more pet relationship videos, here are some posted on this very blog:
Cat Pokes Dog
Dog hoggs blanket from Cat
Cat evicts dog
Dog hates virtual cat
Rat attacks cat
Rat Loves Cat!

Source: YouTube Recommendations



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