Litter Kwitter & CatGenie

6 07 2009

This one is for cat owners that are tired of having to clean litter boxes.
Be advised though, the video has lots of cat pooping and stuff, so you might not want to watch it while eating or something. 😛

Interesting training system to make your cat use the toilet… the environment and people visiting your home will be thankful.
And then, you just have to play some Parry Gripp music to your cat. 😛

Another solution is your usual litter box with enhanced technological capabilities… XD

CatGenie is basically a litter box that scoops the cat poop and cleans itself automatically.
Litter Kwitter looks cleaner, cheaper and more eco-friendly… though it all depends if your cat will adapt to the whole idea.

You can read a full review of CatGenie at this post’s source: Gizmodo
Litter Kwitter came from Gizmodo user Scotland comment on the same post.



Uma resposta

23 07 2009

have you used either of these litter boxes? I have heard mixed things about the Cat Genie – including and not limited to the fact that the drying cycle can sometimes, well, smell like you are baking poop. I use the ScoopFree litterbox (, if you arent familiar) and it has worked wonderfully so far – I especially like that I don’t have to mess with the litter much at all. And my cats have adapted to it amazingly well – I wonder, do cats have any problems with the Cat Genie? That cleaning cycle takes awhile and, if i were a cat, im not sure if i could hold it that long.

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