Team Fortress 2 – The Tabletop RPG

5 07 2009

Here’s an interesting take on Team Fortress 2: A Tabletop RPG version!

Heavy Weapons Guy Character Sheet

Heavy Weapons Guy Character Sheet

If you don’t get it, you’re probably not old enough, not nerd enough, not an RPG fan… 😛
Story goes like this: Deadshot and cousing were “trapped” at their grandmother’s house without Internet or a TV to pass some time.
They were itching to play some Team Fortress 2, so they tried an “alternate” way: To make an RPG based on the game to play.
It came out so good they decided to create an unofficial RPG with all the material required.
So, they created and are updating little by little The Team Fortress 2 RPG blog with rulesets, characters sheets, and everything else. Neat!
Reminds me of a Marvel Superheroes based RPG I made 10+ years ago… it was nothing this fancy, but since I didn’t have RPG material to play with Marvel characters…

Source: Kotaku



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