H.A.V.E. Online TPS (PC)

4 07 2009

H.A.V.E. is an online first person shooter that will look familiar… too familiar:

It’s from Korean developer SK-Imedia, and a blatant Team Fortress 2 rip-off.

Actually, its more like a reskin, since rip offs tend to try a little harder not to copy almost everything.
A closer look on the trailer, a comparison with the original Team Fortress 2 trailers and being a Team Fortress 2 player will be sufficient as basis to my accusation.

The player skins (which are actually very nice) are the only thing that are original, and still, I have to say that robot with a rocket launcher looks too much like the Soldier class.

H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2


Weapons are all copies. Heavy Weapons Guy gatling gun, the sniper rifles copies even the scope system, rocket launcher also has rocket jump, and the quickest girl (Scout) even has a baseball bat… the only classes that either weren’t copied or are not shown on the trailer are the ones that are harder to code: Spy, Medic, Pyro, Demoman and Engineer?
H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

From a game developer standpoint, those are the classes harder to make because it either involves weapons with projectiles that behaves in a special way (like Demoman grenades) or have powers that are difficult to reproduce (spy invisibility and disguise).
Or maybe the trailer doesn’t have all classes yet, and that’s all.
H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

The whole idea of having “toys” fighting each other comes from a Team Fortress 2 custom map, that just looks like a giant house.
Not original from Team Fortress 2 too, since Counter Strike… and I think even Quake had similar stuff.
H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

H.A.V.E. vs Team Fortress 2

Finally, even several scenes from the trailer are straight Team Fortress 2 trailer copies… and it’s easily identifiable since Team Fortress 2 trailers are very peculiar and unique, with the Pixar feel and all.

Ok, with all that said, if the korean developer payed Valve for copyrights and stuff, no problems. Probably not the case though.
And to be completely sincere, I wouldn’t mind giving this a try. Though the game really is a rip off, the character modeling and design isn’t bad at all, the trailer is pretty good and it really would be interesting (at least for me) to play Team Fortress 2 with girls and a robot. A change of pace.
I’m a fan of modding, because slight changes in the gameplay might end up revealing to be as fun as having a brand new game to play.

So, there you are… ended up writing too much.
Source, more comparison pics and another trailer (the one analized): Kotaku



2 responses

4 07 2009

I love TF2 and I think HAVE Online is just start of blatant ripoffs of good games such as TF2 from Korea, Japan, China and other Asian countries who are trying to make big bucks. What a shame and hope they get sued big time.

5 07 2009

Allow me a quick response though: Japan doesn’t copy games as far as I know. Korea and China has tons of very original MMOs and some other games, though I’ve seen they copy some ideas.
H.A.V.E., as I see it, deserved a lawsuit… but I don’t think it’ll happen. The same way China gets off with tons of rip offs, Korea probably isn’t that different too.

The only thing I ask is not to use this as prejudice against any countries. The game developer might be guilty of copyright infringement, but that doesn’t mean those countries deserves to be blamed of anything. There are tons of honest game developers on those countries too.

And it’s also true that there are tons of game companies that rip off ideas just to make big bucks on the US, Europe and other eastern countries too…

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