RX-78 Odaiba Gundam

1 07 2009

Some of my favorite blogs has been publishing stuff about a giant Gundam replica/statue that was being built at Odaiba, an artificial island close to Tokyo in Japan.
Been some months from the first news about it. In what seemed an incredibly fast speed, the project has already been finished, and had it’s first few presentations:

Turns out not only the Gundam RX-78 is a very detailed replica, but it also can move it’s head, and also gives a show with steam and lights involved.

Since you can’t really compare the size of it on the video, here’s a pic taken by Danny Choo:

RX-78 Odaiba Gundam

RX-78 Odaiba Gundam

Yes, a very proper and tasteful tribute to Gundam fans.
UPDATE: The full Gundam in all it’s glory:

I can almost see it moving…

Source: DannyChoo (video), DannyChoo again (photos) and DannyChoo once more (night video)



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