Nike Soccer ad – Soccer vs Ninjas

31 07 2009

It’s more like Soccer vs Samurai Robots or something, but you get the drill.

Again: I’m not much into soccer, but I do like these Nike ads.

Wonder Bounce (Browser)

31 07 2009

By developer Darthlupi, Wonder Bounce! is a neat browser game were you have to defend yourself by jumping on flying enemies…

Wonder Bounce!

Wonder Bounce!

It’s very simple to play, and the game is kinda short, but fun anyways! 😀
Try it out at Darthlupi’s official Wonder Bounce page!

Source: IndieGames

Cybraphon – Emotional Music Playing Robot

31 07 2009

Meet Cybraphon, an emotional musical robot that plays music according to it’s mood:

The mood is set by a number of Internet statistics, ranging from popularity in Google to comments on it’s MySpace page.
Kinda interesting as an art installation.

Source: Gizmodo

Satsuki Yukino (vocals) – Dear You ~Cry~ (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni)

31 07 2009

Even though I started watching Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and never finished it some years ago, this music still caught my attention:

There are tons of versions with different vocals by the seyuus of the anime, but this one I like the most.
Satsuki Yukino played the parts of Shion and Mion.
The info on the title might not be accurate, but it’s everything I could find out about it… dunno from which composer/band came the instrumentation from the original music, or if the music title is correct, but I’ll shure you’ll eventually find out if you need to. 😀

You know those songs that for some reason are part of your life and will follow you forever?
The ones you always get back to on happy and sad days, like an old friend?
Well, this is one of those for me, and part of a series of posts I’m calling my permanent playlist.

Cosplay Series – Cosplay Alternative 1 – Kigurumi Doller

31 07 2009

This is a series featuring cosplay, cosplaying and cosplayers!
Bringing you something different this time. What would you do if one day you were entering a train in Japan and you saw this:

Kigurumi Doller Cosplay

Kigurumi Doller Cosplay

(a) crap your pants
(b) poop bricks
(c) wet yourself
(d) run like hell
(e) sit and fit right in
(f) love at first sight
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I Can Has Cheezburger – Doctor Popular – LOLcats

31 07 2009

Doctor Popular makes a rap with LOLcats compilation…

…but for those who don’t like much the rap part, you can always check the XSpBlog selection of LOLcats on the Caturday series!

From I Can Has Cheezburger YouTube Channel.
Also visit I Can Has Cheezburger website!

Audition (NSFW) (Gore)

30 07 2009

Audition, a Takashi Miike movie (also author of equally gory Koroshiya Ichi), is among the new school japanese movies which are considered by some, the most disturbing movies around.

The actual story isn’t bad: It’s about a middle aged widower looking for a new wife, which ends up posing a supposed “audition” for a movie with the help of his son, with the true purpose of finding this new wife for him.
The story then evolves when he finds one “perfect” japanese wife, and only after sometime starts finding out bits and pieces of her past, which will reveal her true personality.
The graphical situations portrayed in the movie, including torture, dismemberment, and sexual content makes it too strong for most people.
Summary: If you were shaken by movies like Saw or Hostel, keep your distance from Takashi Miike movies because they make these two look like a ride in the park. 😛