Imin Matsuri Curitiba 2009 – Samurai Cosplay

27 06 2009

Here’s the first batch of pics from this year’s Imin Matsuri, a local japanese culture convention we have here in my city.

Samurai Cosplay

Samurai Cosplay

Starting from the last pics I took… samurai cosplay late at night by Barigui’s lake shore.

Those were taken with my recently purchased Canon Rebel XSi… unfortunately, due to some problems, I didn’t have my tripod with me, so the pics were pretty blurry.
Samurai Cosplay

Cosplay Samurai

Took them with ISO 1600, and still had to do some photoshopping… messed with levels and curves as not only it was too dark, also the only light source was extremely yellow-ish.
Samurai Cosplay

Samurai Cosplay

Luckly, as I was going back home, I found these guys who had the most impressive cosplays on the event… so, even though my photography skills still sucks, the cosplay quality compensates some. xD
All thanks to cosplayers: Vinicius Lopes, Olivia Manfrinato (Yue Seishuku) and Fernando Souza

Anyways, I took about 200 pics on the event, but 99% of them sucks… I’m still trying to select some, give them some photoshopping, and them I’ll post it here.



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