Michael Jackson

26 06 2009

Was thinking of writing something yesterday, but a fever got the best of me… yeah, it was pretty bad, but I eventually beat it. 😛

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This post goes to Michael Jackson, may he finally rest in peace!

I don’t wanna make a generic post here, so I’ll speak a little about who was Michael Jackson to me.
When I was still young, I remember my dad had these Michael Jackson LPs.
He wasn’t one of those maniac fans, but he did have Thriller on a cassete tape… and I can say that much of my admiration towards music videoclips that still goes on nowadays comes from that.
Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Guessing I’m not alone on that, as seen on some previous posts I made…
Thrill the World

Thrill the World

Thrill the World, awesome contest of most people dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the same time… which is impressive considering it’s not that simple a dance.
Prison Dance

Prison Dance

And in Prison Dance, it was the Thriller dance that got the world’s attention to this prison in Phillipines where inmates gathered together to dance.

Being a long time out of the spotlights, I forgot about Michael Jackson when I grew up… but he was such an influence that he was always remembered in some way.
I remember, for instance, playing Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker with my cousin tons of time… can’t remember if we got to the end, but it was like, we really played it A LOT.

Guess it’s a classic to tons of gamers out there.
And then, there are the Weird Al Yankovic parody clips…

Michael Jackson - Bad

Michael Jackson - Bad

Michael Jackson’s Bad became
Weird Al Yankovic - Fat

Weird Al Yankovic - Fat

Weird Al’s Fat and
Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Michael Jackson’s Beat it became
Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It

Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It

Weird Al’s Eat it

A friend and I would always repeat that line from “Fat” – “Yo, ding dong man, ding dong, ding dong yo!” 😛

Anyways, back to Michael… I also remember that I only started liking a brazilian humor show named “Casseta e Planeta Urgente” when they made this parody with Michael Jackson’s Black or White, the last one I remember before his career went down and all the rumors about his looks started.
But nevermind the joke, this clip also shows one of the great aspects of Michael Jackson… the fight against racism, prejudice, and how he was able to conquer a worldwide public in a way few bands and artists did, specially back when thriller came out.

I guess he really was one of the last remaining worldwide pop representatives.

Now, about the part that I have no doubts will come out once everything good has already been said about him: The later years.

This might sound a little condescending… I still, to this day, don’t know who to trust on those cases of reported child abuses and stuff. Seems it’s pretty known by now that, if those ever really happened, the MAIN reason it became public was really to exploit Michael Jackson… trying to rip off some of his money.

Because if the abuse cases in his Neverland Ranch ever happened, seems it was with consent of the kids’ parents… and it’s one of those cases that some parents decided to sue Michael, then suddenly several others, some of them noticing there was money to get from the whole case, decided to follow the trend.

Regardless of the reasons and results, as I see it, Michael Jackson was also a victim of fame and fortune at a young age… something that also ruined the lives of several other artists.
I wrote something about it on a Journalism report some weeks ago, talking about child labour, on why using kids as actors/actresses is not considered child labor, and how these young artists life’s get affected by those early careers.

We have several living examples here. Macaulay Culkin (which also ended up involved with the Neverland Ranch scandal), Drew Barrymore and more recently, Britney Spears.

As we all know, if you have fame and fortune you end up being able to do everything you want, loosing perspective and boundaries of what is right or wrong. There’s also all the pressure of the fans judgements on your personal life, the lack of a normal childhood, and finally people seeing and treating these persons as gods, or at least treating in a different way as “just another human being”.

I think the worst thing that happened in Michael’s case, was not admiting he indeed had a problem (not only himself, but everyone around him), and that he needed treatment. And I always imagine how legendary his career would still be today if he had proper care.
Unfortunately, he ended up not resisting to what would be his last attempt of a comeback… which would no doubt be really stressful.

With this, I end this post, and repeat what I say waaay up -> May he finally rest in peace!



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27 06 2009

Brilliant post! You’ve expressed a lot of the deeply complex feelings that go along with observing what we know of Michael Jackson’s life… Thanks for giving your perspective 🙂 We plan to link to this post because there can NEVER be enough memories of Michael Jackson shared, now can there?

Oh, and special thanks for reminding us about the Moonwalk game for Sega Genesis! lol

27 06 2009
Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on Sega Genesis «

[…] to Renato Murakami for pointing this clip out on his Michael Jackson post where he gives a Brazillian fan’s […]

27 06 2009

Glad you liked!
It’s always nice to share those good memories and experiences…
I guess it’s also the least I can do to pay homage to Michael. 🙂

6 07 2009
Fernando Valente

Nice post! I really liked Eat It!

14 07 2009
jeff woolwine

here’s my thought on Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson always claimed he was “peter pan”. the anesthesia Propofol is used for knocking people out for surgery. when i had surgery i had a ” o.b.e ” ” out of body experience ” it felt and looked like this photo. i was in the Conner high up on the ceiling looking at the doctors work on my body. then i was sucked back into my body. Michael Jackson learned about this probably on some of the surgeries he had had. he wasn’t using it to get ” high ” so to speak, but to have ” o.b.e,’s ” and be like peter pan. Michael Jackson would have ” o.b.e ‘s ” from taking Propofol and would fly around the room and probably to other places until it was time to come back to his body. just as i have, and many who have been under the anesthesia Propofol. but this time no one was there to revive him, and now hes caught between worlds. he is forever peter pan and now his ghost will be seen walking the land.

jeff woolwine

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