Laser Harp – Rendezvous II (Jean Michel Jarre)

25 06 2009

Stephen Hobley built a fully working Jean Michel Jarre laser harp:

Which is pretty awesome, and he’s doing DIY explanations for those attempting to build one!

If you don’t know what Jean Michel Jarre I’m talking about, here… I have no doubt you’ll end up recognizing the music:

And here, a video with the laser harp part only, for the less patient ones:

Source: I think it was Gizmodo (I was just reminded about this on an unrelated post.. :P)… thing is: I was absolutely shure I posted this sometime ago, but for some reason, couldn’t find it… so I’m reposting. But do check out more about it at Stephen Hobley’s website.



Uma resposta

28 06 2009
LightLane « XSp.

[…] Pretty interesting idea anyways. With some mods and stuff, might turn into a Laser Harp… […]

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