Barnum Studio – Hoshi ni Negai o (Wish Upon a Star)

23 06 2009

I actually read about this new anime sometime ago… half an year or more.
So I don’t really know how’s the current status of the project, but I guess it’s still in the make being an experimental indie anime and all, as defined by the official Barnum Studio blog itself (according to source AnimeNewsNetwork).

Hoshi ni Negai o

Hoshi ni Negai o

Anyways, Hoshi ni Negai o (Wish Upon a Star) caught my attention because of it’s interesting character designs, because Barnum Studio was created by former Galaxy Angel producer Tetsuro Satomi, and because the cast announced is looking awesome!
By the few released images, seems the story happens in a dystopic future… the type of story that makes me automatically interested.



Some interesting parts: The whole thing is being made using CG (3D Computer Generated Graphics).


Opposite to regular recording schedules, voices were recorded before the animation was made.


Despite being Indie, some seyuus named to be working on the project played some characters like: Di Gi Charat’s Petit Charat, Galaxy Angel’s Mint, Strike Witches’ Perrine, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Roy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’s Saito and others (complete list at source)


If you can read japanese, check the Hoshi ni Negai o blog post at the official Barnum Studio blog

Source and more info: AnimeNewsNetwork



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