21 06 2009

As I see, the one major problem with keyboards and portability is the fact that you need a table for the keyboard.
This makes it hard to type while lying down on your bed, riding a bus, or any situation in which you’re not sitting down with a keyboard in a table right in front of you (maybe you can, but it won’t be confortable, and will eventually lead to problems – back, wrists, arm muscles, whatever).

Grippity tries to solve that.
Pretty interesting idea…
UPDATE: Broken video replaced by the official ad.

I really really wanted to test out one of those… too bad it seems the company who patented this still didn’t get funding to actually release the product. And it’s been a while now, I’m kinda loosing hope here. Here’s the official website just in case someone is looking for more info on Grippity.
I know there’s one other solution for tableless typing known as Alphagrip, but I feel it’s learning curve is far more difficult:

Advantage of Grippity over Alphagrip, as I see it, is the transparent keys that lets you locate where the back keys are, making the learning curve easier.
But maybe the gamepad design is more confortable… I’d have to test both to really know. Too bad I’m stuck in the middle of Brazil.. chances are those keyboard will never get close to me.

Source and a couple more videos: TechEBlog
(original post from January 12th, 2009)



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