MakerBot CupCake 3D Printer

19 06 2009

Weird… I was shure I had already written about this one, but since I can’t find the post, here it goes:

This is MakerBot’s CupCake device that can do 3D printing!

It’s actually a “buy and assemble yourself” kit that the guys at MakerBot Industries are selling for 750USDs, which is incredibly cheap for a 3D printer.

Of course the resulting print is far less polished than professional 3D printers, but it’s nice enough for several different stuff.

Here we have a more nerdy detailed explanation on how everything works:

I say this is pretty interesting.
Maybe for figure maker wannabes the Tsukulus option is still a better take, but for people who needs to produce several different custom 3D models, MakerBot’s CupCake is awesome!

Source: Gizmodo



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