Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – Browse for the Better

18 06 2009

I’ll be 100% sincere here: Internet Explorer is my LAST browser of choice, for several reasons.
BUT after I heard about this campaign, I ended up downloading the 8th installment of it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Here’s Microsoft’s catch: For every full Internet Explorer 8 download made on the Browse for the Better website, 8 meals will be donated to Feeding America, an NGO that distribute those meals to people in need.
See, you only have to download it to get Microsoft to spend their money on donations.
The campaign goes from June 10th to August 8th… but don’t wait to download it later, just go and download it now otherwise you’ll forget. 😛
Bill Gates is well known for being the one guy that donated the biggest sums around for charity, there is an official Microsoft press release for the campaign, and they never said you actually have to use it to make your download valid… so I say, even if you don’t use Internet Explorer, go ahead and just download it. It’s for a good cause.

Source: Gizmodo



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