Life of D. Duck II – Audunsoft (PC)

17 06 2009

Best graphics I’ve ever saw… you’ll probably need the latest NVidia card preferrably twin SLI:


Ok, I was kidding about that. But don’t judge the game by it’s looks (that’s the whole point)… this is a very fun to play free point ‘n click adventure game!

The graphics are made that way on purpose, as the background story goes about a kid who wants to become a Disney animator apparently.

Other than that, the text and inventory looks pretty much like some of the Scumm games.
Read more about it and grab it to play at the Adventure Game Studio’s Life of D. Duck II webpage (forum?).

Worth giving a try… I’ll do it when I have some free time.

Source: IndieGames



2 responses

19 06 2009

Graficamente tosco, mas muito criativo a idéia.

19 06 2009

heaoiheoia rapah, tua carinha automática ficou igualzinho a vc. 😛

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