Project Natal on Jimmy Fallon

16 06 2009

Microsoft’s Project Natal which I wrote about sometime ago showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s show… and it looks pretty good actually!

Despite the guys using those weird red overalls, it seems it’s not a requirement to play the game.
Though if the system works as I think it does, it probably helps a little bit to make the image recognition bit…
Anyways, like I said on previous post, it’ll all depend on the games that gets released for it.
The blockout thing looks fine, but it gets boring after a while.
Using it to play Burnout isn’t bad, but ultimately, playing with a wheel or even normal gamepads is more confortable in the long run.
But to say the least, Project Natal looks FAR MORE accurate and responsive than Playstation EyeToy or Eye ever was.

Source: Kotaku



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