Bank – ATM Robbery in São Paulo

12 06 2009

This impressive bank robbery happened in the eastern part in the city of São Paulo, Brazil:

For those asking: Each one of those ATMs had about R$100,000 (about 50,000USDs) in it.
About 25 criminals were involved in the robbery.
They took about 15 minutes in the bank.
The masked guys are probably the bosses… the other criminals probably got a small part for helping out.
3 of those robbers where arrested, and tons of stuff including weapons, and plans to another bank robbery, this time in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, PR (where I was born) was being planned.
Though still kinda rare, bank robbing cases in Brazil are becoming more and more frequent nowadays… we had a major one involving an underground tunnel to the safe some years ago.
So there you go. 😀

Source: Gizmodo



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