Google Wave

7 06 2009

Google’s new collaboration app that’s being developed for everyone’s browser has this awesome but very very long demo:

Which runs 1 hour and 20 minutes long… so only the ones REALLY interested in it will watch (like me).
For all others, keep reading my explanation about it.

You can imagine it simply as what e-mail would look like if it was recreated today.

It pretty much looks like the future for social communication, both for entertainment and work sessions.

Imagine mixing a live messenger/chat interface, based in one server, where not only you can share and edit stuff in real time, but you can also keep a “time machine” like track on everything that has been done by each participant over time.

Take all this, add to the fact that Google Wave will be open source, with an external API system (kinda like Google Maps has), enabling that other apps, games or whatever softwares could also use Wave to enable collaboration in their own content.

A good example of usage is, for instance, writing a report with a group of… 6 or 7 or how many people you want to be participating. People on the group could either edit it live while talking and making suggestions, or they could read it later, checking everything that has been done, by who, and step by step, contributing with their own part later on.

Another awesome part is that Wave is being made so you can use it on several different platforms, like embedding it on your own blog to create a dynamic content generator (people being able to see you write a post in real time), use it on your cellphone (showed in the video in both Google Android and the iPhone), writing and enabling other people to write in social networks like Tweeter and Orkut, and many other stuff.

The developers behind this are also the ones behind Google Maps, so not only you can tell it’s gonna be a high quality product with a great API that will allow many others to create great add ons to it, but they also show on the video how Wave can also be used with Google Maps to, let’s say, discuss about something on a map… plan a vacation trip, show someone directions to where you are, and other stuff like that.

It’s in early development stages for now, and there are tons more stuff that I didn’t mention that show up on the full video demonstration, but I think you kinda get the idea.
I’m not even thinking Google here, but the whole format seems to be the future of communication, and a tool that will speed up work and generate more productivity, as it allows more interaction among co-workers even if they are far apart from each other.

Like video conferencing in which you can’t only see and talk to other people, but you can also share the content you are working on, allowing others to make their own suggestions and collaborate directly.

As I see it, this isn’t just a new tool, but also a new way of thinking about collaboration.
People will probably have to think and study new ways of approaching this tool, using it to work and communicate, keep in touch with the latest news and trends, and share content on the Internet.

If you like this as much as me, keep an eye on Google’s Google Wave page.

Source: Lifehacker



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8 06 2009
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