1964 Antique MODEM

2 06 2009

And I thought my Dad had the oldest modem ever… here is a video in which Casey uses a 1964, completely analog modem to connect to the Internet!

A modem in a WOODEN case… holy crap!
My dad’s very old modem which I never really saw being used was like the size of a regular VCR, and the case was all metal.
But unfortunately, I think we didn’t keep it on our last move, so it’s probably scrap by now.
The first modem I used was a 2400bps… probably US Robotics… dunno if it was to access some local BBS, or to play Doom.
I also had a 9600 US Robotics, 14400 Zoltrix… and I think a standard 56700 US Robotics too.
BananaCom, Teleconference in BBS (this is previous to IRC) and downloading .mod files comes to mind.
The awesome AxelFoley.mod. xD
And I’ll stop writing now because when it comes to the old days of BBSs and Internet, I can go on for hours. 😛

Source: Gizmodo



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