1 06 2009

Anamanaguchi still don’t have videos for their songs, but there are some YouTube videos with their work… so listen to these videos and ignore the images:

This will sound specially good for old school gamers.

Let me tell you all a story of my childhood.
When I was still a teen, prolly around 13/14yrs old, I played as much NES games as I could.

And I didn’t have much of a taste for music those times, so I just recorded the music from the games I liked, and took it to school on my Sony Walkman and kept listening to it… since I was kinda of a lonely shy kid who was not in tune to the latest radio trends and stuff. I remember listening a lot to Megaman 3 and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.

Back then, classmates made fun of me because of this weird taste for music. Not to mention how I used whatever clothes my mom told me to, along with the shyness and me being japanese decendant…

Anyways, now I can feel a bit less weird knowing lots of people also like Chiptunes Music just like the ones made by Anamanaguchi.
I never really knew anyone else back then who would be willing to consider 8bit game music more than “noise” or “oversimplified irritating sounds”… but for me personally, they were truly awesome songs, which got me nostalgic and emotional, far more than musics from the “radio top 10” every cool kid was required to know about.
I only started getting in touch with people who had the same tastes as mine when I got into a Computer Science course.

But anyways, while I don’t really want for chiptune and 8bit music to get mainstream, I’m really glad bands like Anamanaguchi are showing up here and there.
Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that I don’t like “normal” bands. After my NES music phase, I’ve been through Trash Metal, Death, Alternative stuff, Classical and Orchestral stuff, Movie Soundtracks, Anime Music and other styles… but it’s always nice to go back in time with chiptune music and all. 😀



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