30 06 2009

As most of us know by now, the world is coming to an end in 2012… so, what better way to show what’ll happen in advance than a movie directed by the same guy who did Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow?

I’m guessing the real life counterpart will be as boring as Y2K, but hay, at least we’ll have a movie to remember the event…

Source: TechEBlog

Rocket Riot (XBLA)

30 06 2009

Very interesting retro-style battle game:

Looks good, specially for gamers who likes Smash Bros. style games.
They even hired a guy who can do the “epic movie trailer” voice… xD

Source: Kotaku

Zagat – nru

30 06 2009

Another interesting Android app using it’s compass function: Zagat’s nru (read “near you”):

It picks your location from the GPS and the direction you’re facing to pinpoint nearby restaurants. Nice eh?
Yeah, you’ll look kinda stupid… but then again, way better than unfolding a huge map and spending half an hour trying to locate yourself while becoming a thief target or something. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Desktop Basketball Game

30 06 2009

Here’s a basketball game even you lazy sedentary folks can play:

But if that’s still a little too much workout for you, there’s always Cyrkam Airtos. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Hina Robot – Coffee Maker

30 06 2009

Want some hand made coffee but you’re too lazy to do it yourself? Enter Clockwork’s Hina Robot!

Awesome! xD

Source: DannyChoo.com

I Can Has Cheezburger – Energizer Bunny

30 06 2009

He’s not pink, but I think there are no doubts this bunny’s battery lasts foreveeeerrr…

I wonder what’s in his food…

From I Can Has Cheezburger YouTube Channel.
Also visit I Can Has Cheezburger website!

Zojoji – Let’s Visit Tokyo 9 – AkihabaraNews

29 06 2009

From blog AkihabaraNews, a series of tokyo video tours that I’m a fan of!
The Zojoji temple is a famous tourist location. Daimaou from Akihabaranews has a good eye for the most interesting things about those temples – the details:

Along with DannyChoo’s Photo Walks, the objective is to show some sights of Japan that we usually don’t get.
And I bet some of these sights will show better why some people like Danny and Daimaou got “enchanted” by Japan, ultimately deciding to move there… and also the reason why I’d also like to move to Japan someday. 😀
Huge help from Daimaou and Danny’s great skills for capturing the essence and beauty of those places (in details), of course. xD

Source: AkihabaraNews