Let’s Tap (Wii)

30 05 2009

Nintendo is really pushing new ways of playing with the Wii…

Not shure if I’d like to play this one though.
And I’m pretty shure that I’d end up with my fingers hurting a lot if not seriously injuried by this game…
Also: Smooth names Nintendo!
Let’s Tap this with my Wii! 😛

Source: Kotaku



Uma resposta

31 05 2009

Great, yet another party game for the Wii. Makes me wish I had never wasted 250 bucks on the console when they keep releasing games like this in the US, yet refusing to release games people actually want to play like Fatal Frame Wii. They even kiddyfied the upcoming Ghostbusters game with cartoony characters instead of the realistic characters of the PS and Xbox versions of the game. I bought the Wii the day it came out and so far have purchased 0 games for it.

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