The Thrill of Combat

29 05 2009

As weird as this may sound, some independent games seems to be designed almost to torture and test the stomach of it’s players. Not to mention this game can be potentially deadly for epileptic people. 😛
Here, have a look (or don’t, if you truly are epileptic):

The Thrill of Combat also has a weird objective: To fly a helicopter around (that can do loops freely around) avoiding missiles and killing people to get their organs o_O?
Messhof’s game is what we call “Punishing game”. To some, it may cause headaches, eye pain, and weird effects like you having that helicopter burnt in your retina after playing the game too much. 😛
Similar effects from playing too much Hard Mario Levels… only without the RAAGEEEE!
All that for only 5 bucks on Meshoff’s The Thrill of Combat page!

Source: IndieGames



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