Abandonware – M.D.K (PC)

27 05 2009

MDK was one of those milestone FPSs that few people remembers/knows about today.
Suffice to say it started all the sniper view/headshot thing, presented huge open levels in an optimized way (most shooters back them were placed in dungeons or closed spaces), awesome music and lots of humor mixed with a post apocalyptic scenario!

I remember it had some extremely difficult parts, which involved using Kurt’s (you) Coil Suit to get airstreams, allowing you to reach some parts of the level.
Oh, and the polemics about the name. Murder Death Kill? Max, Dr. Hawkins and Kurt? Mission: Deliver Kindness? Mother’s Day Kisses? Well, if you are interested, go ahead, play the game, and look for more info about it! xD



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31 05 2009
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[…] 28 05 2009 New upcoming Capcom 3rd person shooter kinda reminds me of MDK, which is why I’m making this […]

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