26 05 2009

Dunno if I said this before here on the blog, but I’m not much of a car guy.
I wouldn’t spend tons of money in a fancy sports car if I could, it’s not a priority.
So I don’t care much for the looks… but I guess you have to have a car nowadays. It’s almost impossible to live without one, specially in Brazil.

But I’d definitely buy an eco-friendly, cheap, economical car even if it was ugly, small and not too fast.
Aptera looks like a good choice, even more because it isn’t ugly, seems to be pretty fast… dunno about the price though.
My current car which I’m not using because it’s back in my hometown is almost 12yrs old right now.
But it’s still pretty nice. I’ll probably only get another one when some affordable hybrid cars comes up. Hopefully, it’ll be something as neat as this one. 😀

Source and another video: TechEBlog



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