24 05 2009

From time to time, I remember about things I always wanted to show on this very blog.
Most of the times I end up forgetting about it again, but not this time!
Pail Drummers:

So here it is, the folks from Stomp!

Basketballs and Kitchen:

I remember first watching this on TV when I was still young, and was very impressed by the show!

I was also kinda surprized with myself, of how much I liked rhythmic music like the one made by Stomp…

…and how powerful was music made with everyday objects.
Water Drummers:

The concept that you don’t need fancy expensive instruments to make good music.

Of course, all thanks to extreme rehearsing and precision from the Stomp folks!

It also has lots to do with the drums played in events in Brazil like the “Carnaval”. Those drums has the power to move hundreds of thousands of people!
Trailer for Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey

Unfortunately, I don’t have the coordination, leadership, creativity, musicability or determination to create something like that… but then again, I don’t think many people has it. That’s why Stomp still stands alone in the top of that music genre… because many have tried, but none reached their level (at least in my limited knowledge)

Source: Memories and YouTube search! xD



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